Friday, June 12, 2009

I Am Not a Perfect Cook!

I don't have any new recipes to put on here today...there was the possibility of two but that just didn't happen. On Monday night I made some Strawberry/Lemon Muffins that sounded really good. I looked in the oven when they were baking and thought they look a little flat, then looked at the recipe and realized I forgot to put in the baking powder!! When I realized this my roommate Jill piped in, "I need to take a picture, Jamie actually messed something up". So my strawberry/lemon bricks went into the trash. I tried tasting them, disgusting! Then last night Kimberly made some really good brownies that had pecans in them and were going to have homemade caramel on top. The directions weren't printed out, so we improvised, then found the directions and realized we were doing it horribly wrong. Instead of caramel we ended up with sugary white stuff that tasted ok warm but got scraped off the brownies before we ate them. This weekend I am going to attempt an amazing looking chocolate cake, keep your fingers crossed!!


Tera said...

I can't wait for a new recipe!!!

Benjamin said...

sounds like my cooking! pretty much not as tastey as i want it to be. i'm sure your food was better than you are letting on!

Alyssa said...

Blaspheme. You are a perfect cook. :)